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Violent crimes are typically the most serious criminal charges one can face. Not only do these crimes leave alleged victims with serious bodily injury, permanent disfigurement, burnt homes, traumatic memories, and sometimes death, but the person facing these charges is looking at a very lengthy jail sentence, or execution. These charges are never to be taken lightly and always have potential consequences that far surpass most individuals' reasonable expectations.


For instance, did you know that if you are convicted of Aggravated Malicious Wounding (Virginia Code 18.2-51.2) then the jury sentence starts at 20 YEARS? The max is Life. To put that in perspective for you, see this article here on Woundings. A quarrel involving a small weapon and a scar on a victim's face can potentially land an Aggravated Malicious Wounding conviction. Scary fact. 

We represent anyone charged with Rape, Robbery, Unlawful Wounding, Malicious and Aggravated Woundings, Burglary, Manslaughter, Arson, Terroristic Threats, and other violent crimes. Just because the case may involve offensive or socially unacceptable facts does not mean that you or your loved one doesn't deserve the best representation. We stand by those that need a great defense; we don't send away clients simply because we may appear as if we are representing someone that did something terrible. If you need an effective, competent, and sharp advocate on your side, look no further than Brian M. Latuga, Esq. and his litigation assistants. Call Brian directly for a free consultation; or, call his assistant, Heather, to make an appointment for an in-office meeting. Our contact information is all here. We stand up strongly for yours and your loved one's rights. 

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