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Drug Possession and Distribution crimes vary widely between State and Federal Court. Overall, drug crimes consist of conspiracy, racketeering, possession, distribution, prescription fraud, and associated charges with those crimes (such as possession of drugs and a gun). Drug crimes can be some of the most interesting crimes for a lawyer to attack because of Constitutional Search and Seizure concerns (your 4th Amenment Rights!!), the potential involvement of informants (i.e.- "cooperating co-defendants"), cooperating witnesses, controlled-buys (the "undercovers"), search warrants, package interceptions, Title III wiretaps (the Government listening-in), and cell phone location tracking (yes, you voluntarily hold a 24/7 tracking device). In short, drug crime litigation truly implicates all facets of criminal law. 

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Every case will be quite unique and the minute details will matter. If you or a loved one have been charged with a drug crime then immediately contact Brian M. Latuga, Esq. at (757) 687-3657 for a free confidential consultation. Or, submit your contact information here, to make an appointment with Brian M. Latuga, Esq. 

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