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Federal Criminal Defense is vastly different and can be more complex than most state-level criminal defense. The federal system operates under different procedural rules and timelines. Everything from the arraignment to sentencing requires the knowledge of an experienced federal criminal defense attorney. 

Over 93% of federal criminal cases resolve in a guilty plea or plea agreement. Many of the Government's cases are thoroughly investigated and well prepared. A large part of federal criminal defense work is devoted to sentencing briefs, arguments on factual disputes, departures and variances, and the sentencing hearing itself. However, some of the Government's cases are not well prepared and not thoroughly investigated - we will fight those cases and use the law and Constitution against the Government at every opportunity. 


However, that leaves 7% of cases that are tried before a jury. Mr. Latuga could never be called "plea attorney." He is a trial attorney. If a case should go to trial, then Mr. Latuga is ready, willing and able to litigate that trial in federal court. Mr. Latuga is a skilled trial attorney and well acquainted with jury trials. Nearly every trial in Federal court will be a jury trial; since, unlike state court, the jury does not participate in sentencing

(*Note, that as of July, 2021, Juries in State courts will no longer sentence those found guilty- it will go to the judge, which is similar to Federal Court). 

United States Attorneys start a case by warrant, indictment, superseding indictment, criminal information, or by a "target letter." If you or a loved one are facing federal criminal charges, do not hesitate to contact Mr. Latuga immediately for a free consultation. If you are the subject of a "target letter" then do not hesitate to consult with and hire counsel immediately; often it is better to strike head-on than to wait for the Government to follow through with their written intentions. 



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