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Fraud and White Collar crimes enjoy a class of their own because they tend to be highly detail-oriented, more so than a typical criminal case. White Collar crimes require extensive analysis of documents, spreadsheets, paper-trails, bank and payment devices records, tax forms and filings, employment records, and financial records. White Collar crimes often require outside assistance from forensic accountants, investigators and tax experts to effectively litigate. The types of White Collar Crimes we handle include:

  • Bribery

  • Tax Evasion

  • Counterfeiting Crimes

  • Embezzlement

  • Environmental law violations

  • Public Corruption

  • Money Laundering

  • Organized Crime


If you have been charged, indicted, served with a criminal information or a “target” letter, then you need a state or federal criminal defense attorney that is familiar with these crimes. Brian M. Latuga, Esq. will efficiently and thoroughly work with you and your experts to defend the allegations against you. Contact Brian M. Latuga, Esq. now, at (757) 687-3657, or fill out a contact form here


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