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Sex crimes – abduction, solicitation, sexual battery, sodomy, object sexual penetration, rape, carnal knowledge, child pornography, and others. Most won’t even shudder these words. Society abhors these crimes. We recognize the vast gap between allegations and reality. Most sex crime allegations involve intimate, consensual, or family relationships. Children are confused or coached. Alleged victims lie. The truth is stretched. Memories fade. Fantasies are created. These cases require an immense amount of background research, investigation, knowledge of police investigative and interrogation techniques, and careful review of the case history and victim disclosures.

Unfortunately, the hashtag era has sensationalized sex cases. (#overdoingit #notyoutoo). What does this mean for defendants? It may not seem like this should have any effect on you and your case. But a social push results in a legislative and judicial response. The General Assembly and Commonwealth Attorney offices have responded – increased funding for “Victim and Witness Services,” expansion of Crime Victim and Witness Rights, evidence rule changes expanding the admissible evidence against defendants, and the worst offender- unnecessary and coercive coddling of alleged victims. Other than wrongful convictions and harsher penalties, defendants have seen no added services or assistance in defending these cases – even if the allegations are obviously false.  

Unfortunately, this movement has also caused Commonwealth Attorney’s offices to discard reasonable plea deals and accept an alleged victim’s story without question. So even if the story ‘smells funny’ to the prosecution, they’ll likely leave it up to a judge or jury. Their discretionary function (and arguably their ethical compass) are essentially thrown out the courthouse window.

We represent all types of sex crime defendants. We are formally trained in Criminal Investigations, Sex Assault Investigations, Child Witness, Victim, and Forensic Interviews, and Cross-Examination of sex victims. We are also knowledgeable of evidence handling and packaging, laboratory techniques and limitations, and SANE (Sex Assault Nurse Examiner) procedures. If there are investigative or prosecution issues with your case, we will likely find them.

Just because the case may involve offensive or socially unacceptable facts does not mean that you or your loved one doesn't deserve the best representation. We stand by those that need a great defense. Every defendant deserves the best possible defense if they want it. Sometimes the cards may seem stacked against you completely – but you will still get our best. If you need an effective, competent, and sharp advocate on your side, look no further than Brian M. Latuga, Esq. and his litigation team. Call Brian M. Latuga, or his assistant, Heather, to make an appointment this week. We stand up strongly for yours and your loved one’s rights and freedom.


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